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::: Campagnola :Alice
Alice is the harvesting head for any olive variety and tree, without any difference between well-pruned plants, which are adaptive to mechanized harvesting, or very thick ones, either grown in flat or in hilly regions. The unique and patented double movement of Alice rakes is an important novelty. Alice is really very light, but extremely robust. The rakes carry out 1150 cycles per minute and are made up of 11 interchangeable teeth. These are thin, but robust, have two lengths and can deeply reach within the branches. Alice is based on a harvesting head, an extension pole, a 12 V electric motor and a cable con- nected to a power supply unit, the latter being either a car battery or a portable backpack lithium battery.
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::: Campagnola :Ecoplus
Ecoplus 520/950/1500 PTO compressors These tractor-mounted compressors are characterized by a sober design and are extremely compact, robust and reliable, being made of high-quality parts.
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::: Campagnola :Falcon
Falcon wheeled engine-driven compressors are characterised by a functional and strong ABS hood which protects the moving inner parts. Those light, but powerful engine-driven compressors are recommended for any use and are easy to be carried due to their reduced dimensions and their sliding handle.
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