Liban Sol

Founded in Lebanon over 12 years ago, LibanSol occupies a leading position in distributing agricultural equipments, seeds and fodders in Lebanon and the Middle East. We are today one of the main importers and distributors of Italian, Spanish, German Agriculture products such machines, tools, seeds, medicines and agriculture fertilizer, trade of animal fodders and derivatives.

LibanSol is a name trusted by operators and farmers all over the world.

In these years LibanSol has reached important new goals such as:

Taking the exclusivity for distributing in Lebanon the equipments of one of the most important Italian Company specialized in olive oil extraction “Toscana Enologica Mori”.
The sole agent for distributing in Lebanon the equipment of “Campagnola”, Italian Company, specialized in pneumatic pruning and harvesting systems.

To serve agricultural industry, farmers and municipalities all around Lebanon North, South, and the Bekaa Valley in cooperation with international and national organizations such as:

FAO “Food And Agriculture Organization”
ICU “Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria”
ACF “Action Contre Le Fain”
RMF “Renee Mouawad Foundation”

Installation of more than 50 olive oil extractions in Taybe, Rashaia, Debel, Aaytaroun, Loubieh, Boustan……
A good Experience, a heavy technical back ground, and confidence allow us to present the best for our customers and to arrive proudly to satisfy all their desires.