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LibanSol objectives are those of winning Present and Future agricultural mechanization challenges.

A Lebanese Company having in the field the most important Italians companies to offer best equipments, spare parts, fodders and services for the customers.

LibanSol represents a reality capable of offering a high quality product at a competitive market price, which can be achieved only through economics of scale and solid organization.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

:::  LibanSol the Sole Agent in Lebanon For CDR company

LibanSol the Sole Agent in Lebanon For CDR company for medical , veterinary and food analysis. Portable analyzer offering a practical and quick solution to determine the percentage of acidity and amount of peroxides in oil. The system can also be used for on-site testing.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

:::  TE/LEB/10/002

Signing a contract with ICU/UNIDO for Installation of olive oil processing 500kg/h and fully automatic wax foundation Sheet machine in Akkar , Deir Kanoun El Naher, Bednayel and Baalbeck.